Despite its many known dangers and damaging health risks, and the fact that its use has been largely discontinued as a result, asbestos can still be found in buildings and structures across South Africa. It is something rarely seen in new structures for obvious reasons, but Gauteng is home to hundreds of older buildings that were erected during a time when asbestos saw wide usage.

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Oil Bloom & Oil Pillows

When it comes to containing and absorbing oil spills, you might find oil booms and oil pillows in your spill kit. Know the difference between these two items to ensure optimal use of each and efficient oil containment and absorption.

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Spill containment

When a spill occurs, you need to deploy your spill kit – whether the spill is acid, chemical or oil in nature. In a spill response, you have two clear options: to absorb or to contain. Both solutions are designed to control spills and work hand-in-hand. However, they perform significantly different roles. Understanding their differences will help you decide which option will best meet your needs.

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