Fluorescent Tube & Bulb Recycling

Safely and sustainable recycling fluorescent tube lights


ENSA is a leading provider of specialised services for fluorescent tube and bulb recycling that is particularly focussed on the needs of industrial and commercial facilities.

These disposal services ensure that our clients operate out of a safe and hazard free environment, by seeing to it that old fluorescent lights are properly removed from their facilities, and disposed of or recycled in a way that promotes environmental protection, recovery and sustainability.

Our collection of experienced and highly trained staff are committed to the protection and recovery of the environment, providing services that seek to mitigate the damage caused by human activity, particularly in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Our recycling services help our clients to ensure that their businesses are able to contribute to this on all levels, while also keeping their facilities safe, compliant and operational.


As reliant as many businesses are on fluorescent lighting systems, they are made up of various materials that present a hazard to the environment. For instance, they contain mercury, a toxic metal that has the potential to contaminate air, ground water and surface water, which can have a devastating impact on the environment at large.

Our recycling services see to it that these harmful substances are safely removed from your facility, where they can be properly disposed of or recycled, to ensure that they have no impact on the environment from being incinerated or dumped in landfills.


If you would like to know more about our offers on disposal services, be sure to get into contact with a representative from ENSA Environmental today, or feel free to continue browsing our website for further details on our offers.